Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dare to Dream by Mia Sage

Like most young people I had my life planned in a way to fit into the culture and satisfy my parents, teachers and friends. But I always knew that there was something else. I longed to know the life that I was meant to live or at least, the function that I was born to fulfill.
But I had no idea what kind of life that could be, or how I would earn my living.
When I was 17 years old my mother went to New York to learn how to become a professional coach. She dragged me along. I would have never suspected that my stay in the Big Apple would change my life forever.
I was working in the Kid Camp during the training hours. One day Martin Sage walked in, and my life took a different direction. Little did I know that we would have quite the adventurous future together, or that he would become my coach, my husband, and my best friend.
If somebody had told me then that some years later I would be living on Ibiza, owning my own business, and earning more per month than most people earn in a year, I would have never believed it. I was just a shy girl living in a small town.
Martin invited me to a $10 coaching evening. When it was my turn to get interviewed, I was a little nervous, but curious to find out what I could do with the rest of my life.
“What do you want?” Martin asked me. I didn’t know. Nobody had ever asked me that question with so much curiosity and tolerance. In that moment I felt like I could be anything.
But I had learned to repress anything that I wanted. I had been taught to fit in and be a good girl. So all I could think of was travelling.
“That lights you up”, he said.
“What else?”
“I don’t know”.
“Will you stay in your village, marry and have children?”
“Never!” I was quite sure about what I didn’t want, but had no idea what I did want.
“How about Modeling?”
That was the furthest thing from myself that I could ever imagine. “Modeling? Me? The idea was tantalizing, but I am the girl that doesn’t know how to use make-up and walks around in Jeans all day.”
But he looked at me with so much warmth and acceptance that I began to wonder “Why not? It couldn’t hurt to try it.”
By the time I was back home in my village I had almost forgotten that little incident. And when my mother brought it up I thought “What a crazy idea. How could I have ever even have thought about that?”
But a seed had been planted. It didn’t take long until I had my first photo shoot. Before I knew it, I had my first job.
When I look back at that coaching interview today, I don’t know how Martin could have seen that modeling would fit me. But the seed grew into a plant and today I earn a good part of my living through professional modeling.
I couldn’t wait to go back for another interview. What else was in me? After a couple of more trainings and a car trip through Italy with Martin I began to see that there was a different way to live life. It was still hard to imagine that I could just follow my pleasure, do the things that I wanted to do and earn money with it. But I was getting my first glimpse at the possibility that there are more realities out there than the path that we learn from our parents, teachers and society.
Once I could see that modeling was a part of my life, the strangest things happened. At age 19 I went to New York for a 30-day training. I packed two suitcases with my most beloved things and told all my friends and family that I would stay in New York for a while. Nobody really believed me.
“What are you going to do there? How will you earn money? Where will you stay? Shouldn’t you go to college like you are supposed to?” Those are only a few of the skeptical questions that I heard. But I was sure that I would find a way.
As the end of the training drew near my parents were starting to freak out. I still didn’t have a way to earn money or a place to stay after the training. But for some strange reason I was as calm as a leaf. I just knew something would happen. And it did.
Our class had planned an amateur fashion show for the last night of the training. What I didn’t know was that there was a woman in the audience that owned a model agency. After the show was over she said to me: “I would like you to work for me, but you would have to stay in New York for that”. What a pity…
That was the start of an amazing adventure. Today I am 25 years old, and I am living the life of my dreams. Only eight years have passed since I first stepped into the Sage Theater, but it feels like it was lifetimes ago. Based on my experience I would encourage everyone to explore their inner voice and to heed the call of adventure.