Friday, December 6, 2013

Entrepreneurship is the Future

In 2005 I began a business internship. There was no tuition, and no curriculum. But the skills and perceptions I gained were priceless. 
This year I moved my own business into an elegant Octagon on the shores of the Mediterranean. I spend three months each year travelling to places like Hawaii, Monaco, and Bora Bora. I earn more than I ever imagined and I am my own boss. 
Now I am looking for other intelligent, ambitious interns who intend to learn the way of entrepreneurship. 
Most young people should go to college, get a secure job, and settle down in a normal career. That path never appealed to me. If you have big dreams and the drive to make them come true, give me a call. Let’s explore some other options.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Global Women Entrepreneur Network

Thank you to all the wonderful women that joined us for GWEN in Ibiza. You were amazing!

We can't wait to see you next year in Cape Town (April), Hamburg (August) and Hawaii (December).

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sage Octagon

If you steadfastly pursue your dreams you will eventually bring them into reality. I began my business career in 2004 and founded my company on Ibiza in 2008. Now I have assembled a first-rate team. Together we have acquired and refurbished the most gorgeous building in Santa Eulalia. 
We want to remind you again that your business is a journey that will bring you to a series of exciting destinations. This one belongs to all of us. Our business web made this happen. Now you can continue your entrepreneurship and partnership training in elegant surrounding on the most beautiful island on Earth. 
Together we are transforming into a competent business web. I credit “continuous learning” for our success, both as coaches and as entrepreneurs. I spend every day striving to reach my potential. Just like Ronaldo or Messi in football, I thrill to the possibility of reaching beyond what any business has ever done before. We think of you constantly. We speak of your achievements with deep respect. It isn’t easy for any of us to embrace our flaws and still reach for greatness in our lives. But that is what Miamar Productions and Sage University are all about. It is my privilege to live this exciting adventure with you.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feminine Success?

Business books often use the word success to mean making money or reaching a goal. Both meanings are decidedly masculine. Males of all ages admire contests of skill and strength in which everyone knows the score. Our society applauds the guy who puts the ball through the goal posts or achieves status in business.

Here is my quandary as a writer. How can I write about success as it applies to women, when the very word implies slamming headlong into obstacles and pushing through pain to reach goals that have no inherent value?

Do women have a different criterion for success? Is there another word we can use to express feminine values? Or would a female definition only drive a wedge between men and women?

In my native language, "pilot" is the male captain of a ship. "Pilotin" is a woman who performs the same job. She just doesn't get paid nearly as much. So I suppose that a double-language doesn’t create the balance.

The dilemma increases when the topic is leadership. More than 90% of upper level managers are men. They often earn 10—20, even 100 times more than the women sitting across the table from them, despite the fact that women contribute just as much. Business is rife with stories of men who receive the accolades and collect the great fortunes, whether their companies make profits or lose vast sums of money.

Quick—name the top 3 female conductors of major orchestras…
Could you even think of one? Is it that women lack the gene for wielding the baton? Is our sensitivity to people less? Is music beyond our comprehension? I don't think so.

Please don’t take my inquiry as criticism. Men have done a lot for us. I can’t go along with feminist fighting tactics that push men deeper into their bunkers. War is a male domain, and as for me, I don’t intend to fight for equal rights.

Instead I created success in my career on my own terms.
I am a woman. I didn’t take the college route, as my family and community expected. I am not qualified for any job you can think of. My body is thin and frail, so I can’t withstand strenuous labor or political infighting. And I am too young to be offered responsibility in a big company.

But I am a free agent entrepreneur. That means I do what I enjoy with people who appreciate me. I get to honor my feminine rhythm. My body requires plenty of sleep, so I get up late. When I am hungry, I take breaks to replenish my body. My man is my mentor, but I am the only breadwinner in my family. I restrict my clientele to people who show loving-kindness for one another. All other options hurt by body and rob me of the aura of love that I so much enjoy.

I started my business on the sleepy island of Ibiza in 2008, just as the economy was sliding into a global recession. I chose this island because I love the sea and the warm weather here. My nature is gentle. My surroundings have to allow that.

It has been my privilege to assist a lot of other women in Europe and America initiate small pilot projects and open their own small businesses. Now I want to connect with women from Asia, Africa, and the Arabic countries. I believe we all have a lot to learn from one another. I can’t understand the way the media portrays women, so I want to be part of a worldwide conversation so we can listen to each other’s stories while we share what we have all learned.

On November 1st, 2013 Xochi Wild is sponsoring GWEN—Global Women Entrepreneur Network—on Ibiza. I am delighted to be one of the speakers, although I hope to spend more time listening to the hundreds of women who will gather to open new doors of opportunity for one another. So far our primary speakers hail from Europe, America, and Mexico. Xochi is a Hispanic American woman married to a German man. She wants to include women from all parts of the world .

As I understand it we will spend 4 or 5 days together in honest conversation. We will offer a Kids Camp on site. But our guys will have to entertain themselves or meet up in another location for some recreation so we can have the auditorium to ourselves. Our purpose is not to be experts or provide advice and answers. We want to feel free to share our feminine, receptive nature to explore what success means to us.

I am counting on this event to open my eyes and my heart so I can see how to move forward in this new century. If you are one of those women who want to conduct business from the heart, I hope to meet you there.

Currently I am writing How to Talk to Men in Business. I would appreciate if you would send me stories of comedies and tragedies and victories in your business dealing with men so I can pass your experiences along to other women who have chosen a productive lifestyle.

You can send your stories to

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time Is Money - NOT!

A woman will always need enough money to pay for food and shelter. Security and safety are important for us.

A young girl needs fashion and fun. A young woman needs to care for her family and develop her career. Mature women need to explore life and build great friendships. With the passing years it requires a certain level of stability and prosperity.

No woman wants to search her purse or scan her account to make sure she can pay the bills or take time for her friends. I have interviewed hundreds of women and listened deeply to their desires. Not one of them longed for more time in a cubicle or for the pressure of out performing the men at her job.

No one knows who first said that time is money. But it was probably a man. Studies show that people who measure their hours by the cost report less enjoyment from their experiences.

Male managers claim that women quit their careers to have babies and raise families. If that were true, you would see a lot more single women on the top.

Men view business as a contest. They apply pressure to force submission. Men also fill prisons, mental institutions and hospitals. More men live under bridges. They die, on average, eight years younger than women.

Business is in need of an overhaul. It is time to change the way things work.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love and Money

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to be rich and in love, but nobody wants to give up their tragic story.

Love and money are the two fundamental elements of life.
Without money you can’t buy the food you need to stay alive. Without love you don’t have the desire to live. Love and money are not “things”. They are invisible forces.
When men and women swirl and dance, their energy is the force of love/money.

Our ancestors lived through ice ages, great wars, draughts, plagues, and predators that reduced our species to the brink of extinction time after time. Yet here we are, thanks to our deep, abiding love and our desire to provide for one another.

When money is scarce and love stagnates, nothing moves. Fear turns to pain. Connections fade.
The right balance of love and money gives rise to pleasure, intimacy and aliveness, along with all the other values that bring meaning to our lives.

Modern media tells us that women are beginning to enjoy the same opportunities and abilities as men. I have interviewed hundreds of women about their desires and aspirations. They tell a different story.
Is it actually true that we can fight and work like men? Do we have to be rough and tough to earn equality? Or can we design a new kind of partnership that uses both feminine and masculine qualities to achieve what we all desire?

Some questions don’t have answers. Rather they require new experiences. No one thinks that we will return to the days when men worked while women waited at home. Today we are all participating in a great social experiment. The chances we take are setting the stage for how we will live and love together.

No one can tell you what will work for you. Search your heart. That is where you will find the desire for the life you want to share with men. And that is where you will find the wisdom to break with convention and explore alternatives that your culture does not offer.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Magic of Partnership

Some couples love, honor and obey for a lifetime. That is the ideal we all long to fulfill. Life doesn’t always fulfill our hopes and dreams. But there are lessons we can learn to tip the odds in our favor. 
When I began my search for a life-partner I had a certain image in mind. But the man who fulfilled my essential desire was nothing like what I expected. Reality rarely matches the picture in our mind. Life is certainly full of surprises—those that disappoint and those that delight. 
Most women have been disappointed or hurt by at least one modern male primate. Anger and bitterness are signs of injuries crying out to be healed. Secretly we all long for the pleasure and prosperity that partnership can bring. Yet no other person can fulfill our expectations or understand our hidden agendas. 
The ingredients for happiness are all around us. Men find women irresistible. Women speak often of men. The attraction between us is a powerful force. When the masculine and feminine energies harmonize, they form an irresistible field of attraction. Together we are magnetic. Love and money appear without the need for effort or conflict. 
If you separate the parts of a machine, all you have left is inert pieces. But when you separate a magnet into different parts they come together again automatically. Human nature is a magnetic field that contains both male and female bodies. The field of intelligence between us is the very force that drives evolution. 
As with any magnetic field one side repels and pushes away incompatible objects. That is the receptive Yin force. Women protect their families by knowing who to exclude. The other side attracts compatible objects and events. That is the creative Yang force that men use to build companies and teams—thus the football obsession. When these masculine and feminine forces find balance, the family becomes the team. Life unfolds magically and beautifully. 
The best things in life come through the loving attention of one's partner. You can’t see your own eye or realize your own beauty. You can’t tickle yourself. You can’t make love alone. The joy of partnership is in the element of surprise—in the unexpected gifts we bring to one another. 
But can two people develop the strength of character to move beyond the frustration of unfulfilled expectations? Can a couple evolve within the span of their partnership? 
Self-improvement techniques and therapeutic interventions can help. But changing our mind doesn’t always change our lives. That is why it is so important to play productive ventures together. As you and your partner merge in shared adventures, you magnify the pleasure that makes your activities attractive to others and makes you more attractive to one another. 
Keeping your love alive is a matter of playing intensively together with aim to delight. You can do that. You were born for that!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Walk in the Park

One day I was walking through Central Park with my man. The autumn sun was soft on the orange leaves. The wind was blowing gently through the trees and on my skin. I felt happy and loving in the connection with my man. Then suddenly my perceptions became very vivid.

The landscape seemed to glow. One moment everything was ordinary. In the next moment my mind became incredibly peaceful and alert. I was seeing and feeling the larger reality around me.
I felt really alive. It crossed my mind that I might be having a peak experience. Some people get that from meditation or medication. For me it just came from being in a new place with someone I trusted.

In timeless bliss I saw the world without my mental filters or interpretations. The air was bathed in a beautiful light. People were nothing like I had always pictured them. They appeared more animalistic—almost like human apes. It was as if the park was a people zoo. Children frolicked among the adults like young simians.

When I looked at my man, I saw kind, peaceful eyes. I sensed his freedom from judgments. I felt his deep masculine love.  For a moment he was King Kong. I was Faye Ray. He reminded me of a big gorilla. His presence made me feel safe and protected.

After a few minutes my regular mental image of the world returned. People looked “normal” again. But I still felt good in the closeness to my man. I had glimpsed his animal nature—the good, the bad and the ugly. My own animal aliveness was awake. There was a palpable spirit between us.
Later we walked into the Starbucks coffee shop across from Lehman Brothers on 7th Avenue. When my man turned to see what I wanted to order, he noticed that I was glowing.

“When did you get here,” he asked?
“I just arrived,” I told him.
He looked at me thoughtfully.
“How long do you think you’ll stay?”
“I live here now,” I replied.

My life has been vivid since that day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Geishas in Monaco

I have just returned from the most amazing week of my life, spending four days with the women from the Geisha School in Monaco. Since this special training is part of a 4-year series, many of the women have achieved amazing levels of service. Their profound commitment and honesty brings a level of kindness and wisdom unlike anything I have ever experienced. 
If you were raised to believe that women are the weaker sex, this week would have changed your perception. Virtually every airline in France was on strike. Yet that didn't deter the participants from keeping their word. Women arrived by train and automobile. No one wasted even a moment complaining. I would be proud to conduct business with any one of them. 
Our non-traditional approach to the discipline of entertainment requires years of discipline in the art of sharing our pleasure. Our happiness is the product of the new service economy. Giving one's pleasure is the greatest gift we can give. Our willingness to share our joy is the ultimate act of generosity.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kinesiology & Coaching

For this month's blog, I would like to share a German article with you that was published in Switzerland recently. The talented writer, Kathleen De Siena, writes about taking seminars with Sage University.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Human Factor

According to Ray Bradbury the laws of science are indistinguishable from magic. We enjoy that magic every time we pick up a smart phone or fly on a jet. And if you think mankind has advanced a long way in the last 500 years, just wait until you see the next 10 years, where robots and nanotechnology will combine to take over almost every unpleasant task that humans have to perform now.
But there will never be a machine that can replace the feeling of a human being or enjoy the sensations of love and appreciation that people share.
So with all this brainpower, love, and passion available to us, why do people squander so much of their intelligence taking each other down? Are modern humans just flawed copies of our evolutionary ancestors? Or can we become more?
The source of magical results between people is the willingness to follow instructions. When we give and receive accurate instructions, and toss in a little feedback to tune them up, we lift each other to wonderful experiences that flood the senses with joy and lift us above all earthly concerns.
I have given thousands of instructions to hundreds of people over the years—all designed to help them reach their goals and enjoy the happiness of true success. The instructions were clear and accurate. Everyone understood. Yet just about everyone argued, stalled, balked and resisted with great vigor.
All that resistance is highly entertaining. It’s like watching the film Jackass -- all the strange things people will do for attention.
Imagine my surprise this week when someone actually followed one of my business instructions. I instructed Justin to return to base by the end of the week so that we can set up his next tour. He called right back to acknowledge that he would arrive on Wednesday—days earlier than I requested. This guy is on the way to greatness.
It pleases me to have partners like Justin and Xochi, who pour their hearts into the game of business every day. Our synergy and our achievements are showing a better way to do business. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Talk to Men - Book Review

Thank you so much for your amazing response on the How to Talk to Men book. Your appreciation has been overwhelming. I am especially surprised how well the book has been received by men.

Mia Sage, a young coach and trainer from Berlin who is currently living in Spain, has produced one of the finest volumes I have had the privilege of reviewing ever since I started writing book reviews nearly two full decades ago.  “How to Talk to Men: The Geisha & the Gorilla” is so outstanding that its scope greatly exceeds its title, which in any event only describes a small portion of its topic of how women can maximize the effectiveness of their lives and their relationships.  Sage’s achievement inspires the reader and points us the way to improving ourselves and to thereby helping make the world a better place.  At first it may seem surprising, but ultimately it is inevitable, that her book will be one with which no reader will fully agree.
First of all, it must be admitted, this book is written primarily for women yet I, a man, am reviewing it.  No doubt some women will be put off by this book, at least initially.  The author is not afraid to say what she thinks, and many of her opinions run against prevailing political winds and well-worn ruts of accepted thinking.
Sage could not have a more appropriate last name, and shows it through numerous bon mots that she tosses off with a seeming lack of effort: “To find and keep a man, you have to see the partnership game through his eyes.  It’s not easy being a man in today’s world.” “When your love heals a man, he responds with deep gratitude and with a special love that flows out from the vulnerability that men habitually hide.”  “If you have involuntarily brought a man down, you are the only person that can win him back.  Make him a winner.  Give him unconditional respect.   Watch how he transforms into a loving mate.”
The author most definitely is not a starry eyed mystic who has lost touch with the sometime ugly reality of daily life.  Far from it.  Talking about honesty, she observes:
Men lie.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  They tell you how good you look, even when you don’t….
Women lie too.  Thinking we are better or different only makes us set impossible standards.
Sage believes that a woman will be in closer touch with nature than her male partner, and that ultimately, the woman should decide where the couple is to live and the man should go where she wants to go.  “Don’t worry about where your man wants to live. You are his link to nature.  When Momma is happy, everybody’s happy.”
Why do I consider this truly amazing book, which is virtually guaranteed to both deeply charm and at times infuriate its readers, so important?  It openly confronts received wisdom, fearlessly battling for a higher truth that will enable us all to shine as profoundly as we can.  “Partnership only works when you can hold your vision of the man no matter how many times he falls down.”  Later she expands a bit, “My man is innocent in my eyes—no matter what.  I know that he is always motivated by sweet, gentle love.  By seeing that quality, I am creating it.”
The same principle is true for women as well, as Sage shows us using mythology.  She tells the captivating story of an old hag to whom King Arthur had to promise his knight in marriage before she would save the king from great danger.  After the wedding, the hag appeared to her husband as a great beauty, telling him she could be beautiful either by day or night, as he commanded.  He told her, “It is your life and your body, so you choose,” and she answered him, “Because you honor my sovereignty, I choose to be beautiful both day and night.”  
Another myth that the author retells shows an island man paying eight cows in exchange for a plain, skinny, hunched over girl who probably could have been obtained for two or at most three cows.  The author concludes the story as follows: “In her birth village, Serita was a normal girl.  In the village of her husband, she blossomed into a beautiful woman.  She became an eight-cow wife.”
Any book this courageous is bound to include ideas that any given reviewer is likely to see as imperfections.  For example, I have a Master’s Degree in physics and have never for the life of me been able to have any sympathy for the alleged teachings of astrology, to which the author devotes a few pages in her chapter on the different typologies of people.  While I follow her general thinking about overuse of alcohol and drugs, I can’t agree that necessarily, “The man that needs two drinks is a drunk.”  Along the same lines, Sage’s discussion of water crystals in differently labeled beakers strains my credulity well past the breaking point:
The water that carried degrading labels, such as STUPID or BAD froze into ugly, grotesque shapes.  But the water that carried loving messages such as BEAUTY and KINDNESS froze into exquisite, symmetrical shapes. 
Finally, I found the chapter on training a bit much, and I could say the same for some sections on stages of psychological problems and later on “the four stages of inner theater.”
However, all this is fine and in fact is in line with the author’s agenda to stretch the reader and to introduce a wealth of new ideas and new energies.  Inevitably only some will stick.  Just don’t make the mistake of discarding the whole because you find some points with which to differ.  The author has ever so much to offer.
Obvious though it may be, Sage is not loath to underscore the crucial importance to men of a vibrant, healthy sex life.  “How much a man loves depends on the intensity and frequency of his sex life.  How long he remains in a marriage depends on the constancy and consistency of enthusiastic lovemaking.”  Presumably “remaining in the marriage” is mentioned in both a literal and figurative sense.
The author adds that this is an easy point for women to fail to grasp: “Until a woman understands and accepts gender differences, she can easily underestimate the importance of sex for men.  Many relationships die because women fail to comprehend the male sex drive.”  Sage is also right on the money in noting, “If you have a good man, he will want to please you more than anything else.  So let him.”
Sage is so correct when she notes the uselessness of women worrying about how they look to their men.  “When a man loves a woman, he doesn’t see the flaws.  He takes small images—the look of your skirt on your thigh, that little movement you make when you are turned on, and that look on your face when you laugh.  A loving man forms a mental collage of his ideal you.”
The author believes, “Both men and women need constant, continuous appreciation for the different roles they play.”  Moreover, “People are programmed to believe that love is the most important thing.  But money is equally as important.”  Sage notes the yin-yang complementarity of these two elements to security, writing, “Love is the feminine [not necessarily female, as Sage notes elsewhere] sensation of total trust.  Cash is the masculine contribution.  Sex is the bridge.”
Sage believes, “Most men are damaged in some way or another….  Better to find a slightly screwed up decent man that needs your love to find his way….  Even the finest specimens harbor hidden flaws.”  She notes the profound benefits that can flow from such an approach.  “[Y]ou would be amazed how much an injured man will appreciate you for your willingness to salvage what is left of his heart and soul.”  One could even argue that such synergy is a key to our survival and success.  Fortunately, “most men are only a bit daft.  Even many of the happily married men you know are a bit quirky behind the scenes.  Their wives protect them and bring out their best qualities.”  How right she is!
Another topic on which the author achieves trenchant levels of profundity is a discussion of how “men are the weaker sex.”  She writes in explanation, “Studies show that relationship issues get to men more than we ever realized.  After a fight, for example, men seethe and simmer much longer than we do.  Their health suffers….  Conflict hurts you, but it leaves your guy reeling.”  I certainly find this to be deeply accurate in my own life.
How should women handle this reality?  Sage has a great answer: “You are more attractive to men when they feel your feminine compassion.  When you realize how things are for men, it is easier to empathize.”  Not unrelated is the author’s point that “Women frequently complain that their men won’t talk to them.  What they mean is that men don’t talk to them like women do.”  
The author states that men are more or less simple creatures.  The solution to many issues with men may be to approach them warmly and softly: “Harsh tones transform a man into a mad beast that sees you as the enemy.  Warm tones transform him into a man who will eagerly take on any challenge on your behalf.  You can transform your man into the person with whom you want to spend your life.  Just remember to soften your heart and release those kind healing tones before you speak.”
Wow, is this author courageous or what?  She comes right out and provocatively suggests, “women are meaner than men—and men are dumber than they think.”  I do not find myself agreeing with her claims that “[m]en secretly believe that women are stupid” and that women are smarter than men.  Again, this doesn’t matter, or better yet, agreement with our provocateur author is not the point.  Self-questioning and self-improvement and even self-love are the points.
I have been relentlessly quoting Mia Sage throughout this review and I will close with a few of her statements that most profoundly resonated with me.  First, she really gets the importance to men of good coaches (whatever that term may mean for a particular man:
If you ask [a high performance] man if he ever had a coach that brought out the best in him, he will look at you carefully to see if you are serious.   If he senses sincerity, his face will change as he puts aside his social mask.  Then he will tell you a story about the time he played for a man that not only made him a better player but also made him a better man.  Believe me when I say that you want to be that coach.
If you learn nothing else from this book or this review, remember this golden nugget: “Ideas and emotions are separate elements.  Mixing them is a recipe for disaster….  I have learned that there is little or no connection between my feelings and the actual events around me.”
I choose not to be offended when Sage talks about different types of men as analogous to different breeds of dogs.  Being offended would be insane.  The woman obviously loves men.  And in the end, I believe she is right that men are simple, devoted, and come in many varieties, all of which is also true of canines.
Finally, I will leave the reader with one more gem: “Men are crying for appreciation.  They will give their lives or end their lives for a little of this precious substance.  You are rich with the stuff.  You can afford to be generous.”  
Do not miss this amazing, potentially life-changing book!  If you do, it will truly be your loss!  I have probably never ended any of my nearly 200 previous book reviews with three sentences ending in exclamation points, but be sure to make the right choice when you balance 30 bucks and a few hours of your time against the opportunity for some new perspectives that can transform many parts of your relationship, your career, and even your reality!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plant Your Love and Let It Grow

When two people meet and fall in love they are planting a seed. Their love is a living entity—the combined life force of two loving people. Their connection might bear children or launch exciting projects. Certainly they will delight one another with unexpected pleasures. If their love grows they will share the journey of life together for a lifetime.
But every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree. Even in a healthy eco-system, many seeds wither and die. We all know how painful it can be when we lose the intimacy of a good partner. That is why we struggle and fight to hold on to a good thing when we find it.
Oddly it is the seed that is stepped on and driven underground that has the best chance to grow. There can never be a great love story without contact, conflict, climax, and collaboration. The secret of lasting love is the ability of two people to transcend tough circumstances, and to overcome the slings and arrows of well-meaning friends who might carelessly introduce discontent or distortion into the relationship.
Every genuine love is designed to push upward through the dark soil and to grow and expand into the light. Two loving people will naturally find their affection growing warmer and deeper over time. Each desires the other, and both share a profound need to grow closer. Couples that can remain focused on the joy and harmony they share will live lives of loving adventure.
Growing your love requires certain perceptual skills. Two people need to be able to gauge their compatibility right from the beginning. They also have to be able to withstand external conditions, such as tough economic times. Finally they will have to develop a mutual awareness of the contagious emotions that often spread through human communities like a virus. Outside influences are the most common threat to an intimate bond.
True love grows in the brightness of a light heart. Life is infinitely finer when you share it with someone who adores and appreciates you. That is why it is so important to be able to forgive and forget transgressions. To keep your love alive you must learn to shift your moods and drop painful grudges instantly--before they can kill your connection.
Beware of the false storyteller in your mind. Don’t listen to friends and family. If two people respect each other they will find a way to listen to their hearts instead.
If you have questions about relationship, or if you just want to share your story you can reach me at