Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plant Your Love and Let It Grow

When two people meet and fall in love they are planting a seed. Their love is a living entity—the combined life force of two loving people. Their connection might bear children or launch exciting projects. Certainly they will delight one another with unexpected pleasures. If their love grows they will share the journey of life together for a lifetime.
But every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree. Even in a healthy eco-system, many seeds wither and die. We all know how painful it can be when we lose the intimacy of a good partner. That is why we struggle and fight to hold on to a good thing when we find it.
Oddly it is the seed that is stepped on and driven underground that has the best chance to grow. There can never be a great love story without contact, conflict, climax, and collaboration. The secret of lasting love is the ability of two people to transcend tough circumstances, and to overcome the slings and arrows of well-meaning friends who might carelessly introduce discontent or distortion into the relationship.
Every genuine love is designed to push upward through the dark soil and to grow and expand into the light. Two loving people will naturally find their affection growing warmer and deeper over time. Each desires the other, and both share a profound need to grow closer. Couples that can remain focused on the joy and harmony they share will live lives of loving adventure.
Growing your love requires certain perceptual skills. Two people need to be able to gauge their compatibility right from the beginning. They also have to be able to withstand external conditions, such as tough economic times. Finally they will have to develop a mutual awareness of the contagious emotions that often spread through human communities like a virus. Outside influences are the most common threat to an intimate bond.
True love grows in the brightness of a light heart. Life is infinitely finer when you share it with someone who adores and appreciates you. That is why it is so important to be able to forgive and forget transgressions. To keep your love alive you must learn to shift your moods and drop painful grudges instantly--before they can kill your connection.
Beware of the false storyteller in your mind. Don’t listen to friends and family. If two people respect each other they will find a way to listen to their hearts instead.
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