Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Human Factor

According to Ray Bradbury the laws of science are indistinguishable from magic. We enjoy that magic every time we pick up a smart phone or fly on a jet. And if you think mankind has advanced a long way in the last 500 years, just wait until you see the next 10 years, where robots and nanotechnology will combine to take over almost every unpleasant task that humans have to perform now.
But there will never be a machine that can replace the feeling of a human being or enjoy the sensations of love and appreciation that people share.
So with all this brainpower, love, and passion available to us, why do people squander so much of their intelligence taking each other down? Are modern humans just flawed copies of our evolutionary ancestors? Or can we become more?
The source of magical results between people is the willingness to follow instructions. When we give and receive accurate instructions, and toss in a little feedback to tune them up, we lift each other to wonderful experiences that flood the senses with joy and lift us above all earthly concerns.
I have given thousands of instructions to hundreds of people over the years—all designed to help them reach their goals and enjoy the happiness of true success. The instructions were clear and accurate. Everyone understood. Yet just about everyone argued, stalled, balked and resisted with great vigor.
All that resistance is highly entertaining. It’s like watching the film Jackass -- all the strange things people will do for attention.
Imagine my surprise this week when someone actually followed one of my business instructions. I instructed Justin to return to base by the end of the week so that we can set up his next tour. He called right back to acknowledge that he would arrive on Wednesday—days earlier than I requested. This guy is on the way to greatness.
It pleases me to have partners like Justin and Xochi, who pour their hearts into the game of business every day. Our synergy and our achievements are showing a better way to do business.