Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Geishas in Monaco

I have just returned from the most amazing week of my life, spending four days with the women from the Geisha School in Monaco. Since this special training is part of a 4-year series, many of the women have achieved amazing levels of service. Their profound commitment and honesty brings a level of kindness and wisdom unlike anything I have ever experienced. 
If you were raised to believe that women are the weaker sex, this week would have changed your perception. Virtually every airline in France was on strike. Yet that didn't deter the participants from keeping their word. Women arrived by train and automobile. No one wasted even a moment complaining. I would be proud to conduct business with any one of them. 
Our non-traditional approach to the discipline of entertainment requires years of discipline in the art of sharing our pleasure. Our happiness is the product of the new service economy. Giving one's pleasure is the greatest gift we can give. Our willingness to share our joy is the ultimate act of generosity.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kinesiology & Coaching

For this month's blog, I would like to share a German article with you that was published in Switzerland recently. The talented writer, Kathleen De Siena, writes about taking seminars with Sage University.