Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time Is Money - NOT!

A woman will always need enough money to pay for food and shelter. Security and safety are important for us.

A young girl needs fashion and fun. A young woman needs to care for her family and develop her career. Mature women need to explore life and build great friendships. With the passing years it requires a certain level of stability and prosperity.

No woman wants to search her purse or scan her account to make sure she can pay the bills or take time for her friends. I have interviewed hundreds of women and listened deeply to their desires. Not one of them longed for more time in a cubicle or for the pressure of out performing the men at her job.

No one knows who first said that time is money. But it was probably a man. Studies show that people who measure their hours by the cost report less enjoyment from their experiences.

Male managers claim that women quit their careers to have babies and raise families. If that were true, you would see a lot more single women on the top.

Men view business as a contest. They apply pressure to force submission. Men also fill prisons, mental institutions and hospitals. More men live under bridges. They die, on average, eight years younger than women.

Business is in need of an overhaul. It is time to change the way things work.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love and Money

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to be rich and in love, but nobody wants to give up their tragic story.

Love and money are the two fundamental elements of life.
Without money you can’t buy the food you need to stay alive. Without love you don’t have the desire to live. Love and money are not “things”. They are invisible forces.
When men and women swirl and dance, their energy is the force of love/money.

Our ancestors lived through ice ages, great wars, draughts, plagues, and predators that reduced our species to the brink of extinction time after time. Yet here we are, thanks to our deep, abiding love and our desire to provide for one another.

When money is scarce and love stagnates, nothing moves. Fear turns to pain. Connections fade.
The right balance of love and money gives rise to pleasure, intimacy and aliveness, along with all the other values that bring meaning to our lives.

Modern media tells us that women are beginning to enjoy the same opportunities and abilities as men. I have interviewed hundreds of women about their desires and aspirations. They tell a different story.
Is it actually true that we can fight and work like men? Do we have to be rough and tough to earn equality? Or can we design a new kind of partnership that uses both feminine and masculine qualities to achieve what we all desire?

Some questions don’t have answers. Rather they require new experiences. No one thinks that we will return to the days when men worked while women waited at home. Today we are all participating in a great social experiment. The chances we take are setting the stage for how we will live and love together.

No one can tell you what will work for you. Search your heart. That is where you will find the desire for the life you want to share with men. And that is where you will find the wisdom to break with convention and explore alternatives that your culture does not offer.