Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sage Octagon

If you steadfastly pursue your dreams you will eventually bring them into reality. I began my business career in 2004 and founded my company on Ibiza in 2008. Now I have assembled a first-rate team. Together we have acquired and refurbished the most gorgeous building in Santa Eulalia. 
We want to remind you again that your business is a journey that will bring you to a series of exciting destinations. This one belongs to all of us. Our business web made this happen. Now you can continue your entrepreneurship and partnership training in elegant surrounding on the most beautiful island on Earth. 
Together we are transforming into a competent business web. I credit “continuous learning” for our success, both as coaches and as entrepreneurs. I spend every day striving to reach my potential. Just like Ronaldo or Messi in football, I thrill to the possibility of reaching beyond what any business has ever done before. We think of you constantly. We speak of your achievements with deep respect. It isn’t easy for any of us to embrace our flaws and still reach for greatness in our lives. But that is what Miamar Productions and Sage University are all about. It is my privilege to live this exciting adventure with you.