Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Your Choice

When I turned twenty, I chose my life partner. Last month I turned 30. Our time together is continuous bliss. 
We are not saints. We are simply educated. My man conducted over 50.000 interviews to examine patterns of communication in relationships. He filmed or recorded most of them to see what he could learn--all to no avail. His relationships were as bad or worse than anyone else's. He failed to find anyone who would practice the principles he was discovering. 
When we came together I made a choice to learn the governing dynamics of relationship and to master the discipline of harmony in the home. As much as I love travel and adventure, the best thing in my life is the loving devotion we share. 
We are the most ordinary people you will ever meet. Yet our education in relationship has enabled us to fulfill our wildest expectations. 
Thanks to modern education humans today live better lives than the Kings of old. Our chariots are faster. Our houses are cozier. And we have access to limitless information and entertainment that we can seize out of thin air at the push of a button--or computer key. I recently returned to Ibiza from Honolulu. After a few hours in a comfortable seat, I was home.  Life is better today than at any time in history.

Soon, I am off to Bora Bora. Mind you, I get paid for all the adventures I enjoy. Despite all the advantages available today, relationship remains the one arena in which people still live in the dark ages. Put two loving humans in the same house and they will soon resort to conflict. 
Don't blame yourself. Don't blame your mate either. The problem lies with our education. You can conjugate a verb and dissect a frog. But no one ever bothered to show you how to carry on a civil conversation.

If relationship matters to you, I recommend lifelong learning to keep the fire burning. You can always count on my best wishes for happiness and harmony.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Joy of Collaboration

Two or more people can delight one another in many unexpected ways. My man wakes up before me every day. By the time I open my eyes he has planned one or more surprises to make my day. Sometimes he writes sweet things on sticky pads to make me laugh. He always has a list of productive projects so that every day is an exciting adventure. 
I have my own ways of playing the collaboration game. Mostly I amuse myself. His antics crack me up. Even when he takes himself seriously I find his stories and movements entertaining. My sense of humor makes him feel good about himself. 
Pace is our finest collaborative tool. We start our day with a list of impossible achievements. Then we laugh and play our way through them. We get more done in a day than 10 people. That is possible because our talents are complementary. 
Occasionally friends find the pace. They are always amazed at how much we can do together. It is surprising how much money people can move when they combine their talents. 
Anything worth doing is worth sharing. All of my successes in business and in life came about when I asked someone for help. 
Modern culture cautions people against co-dependency. But we are dependent on one another. I need your help. You need mine. 
Lone wolves eat mice. Wolf packs feast on big game. 
My man is mildly autistic. Yet he earned millions in the coaching field, because he asked the right people to help him. My success in this field came about because I asked a few good businessmen for help. Successful people often enjoy helping out beginners.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Forget About Selling

Everyone loves shopping. People naturally love to buy. When you purchase a cherished item or sign up for an adventure, you feel a wave of pleasure as your body floods your brain with a delicious blend of endorphins. Whenever you book an exciting trip or purchase something you desire, your body gives you the same sensations as when you fall in love. Your mood lifts. You feel lighter than air. 
But nobody likes to be sold. Sales techniques suck. You can empty a room just by starting into a sales pitch. The act of trying to make people buy something pushes them away like the reverse polarity on a magnet. 
Salesmanship is the art of discerning what attracts people, and then assisting them through the buying process. When you help people get what they want, you will be the first person they will contact when they want something else. 
If you want to know what people want, start out by asking them. Don’t hawk the benefits of your product or the credibility of your company. People are waiting for someone to show genuine interest in them. Try to discern their desire. Ask politely. Walk alongside them in the direction they are already going. By assisting them to get what they want now, you will win their loyalty for life. They will see you as a source for the things they want and need. People will gather around you like kids around Santa Claus. You are the one who makes their dreams come true. 
When you come on too strong, you repel the very people you want to attract. Soften your voice. Soften your eyes. Greet people with a warm smile. Let them feel your approval. Connect deeply with the other person before you ever think of selling. Absorb their vibration. Let the buying process come about naturally. 
Despite what the old-school sales manuals say, selling isn’t a numbers game. The quality of your connection is worth far more than the quantity. Don’t skim the surface with people. Open up and let them in. One sincere business friend is worth a thousand quick presentations. It’s far easier to reach long-term clients than to find new ones. 
Along with selling skills, be sure to learn people skills. You probably think your social skills are just fine—and they are—for a civilian. But professional sales people exude interest. Put compassion above profits. Let people feel your heart. Focus on the loving respect reflected in their eyes.

To benefit from 22 more selling innovations, you can download the book here. For the price of a cup of coffee you will be able to dramatically increase your sales performance. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

GWEN Hamburg

GWEN Hamburg was a totally unexpected success. We put it on the calendar to make the summer more interesting, expecting only a small group of women to attend. Around 100 women entrepreneurs showed up to share their generosity and wisdom. 
It seems to me to be the least likely to succeed in the game of business. I am not strong or forceful. Nor am I clever or strategic. I believe that achievement comes from my weaknesses and from the love we share. I couldn’t conduct my business without asking kind, reliable people for help. 
In return I love to exchange by offering my limited management skills. It seems to me that the feminine path to success works because a few good women understand the importance of community.
Miamar’s Sage University is growing through the US and the EU due to the fact that each of us owns our own small business. Yet we have developed a generous way to support one another. 
Your success means everything to me. Every day I enjoy the feeling that you are there for me as well. Our unique culture is a self- organizing system. The feminine core of our system has transformed the nurturing power of women into a mighty business force. 
At GWEN the participants examined a fishing line designed to catch one fish at a time. Then they wove several lines together into a net. By joining their individual lines into a web they could easily catch far more with much less effort. 
Too many women work too hard for too little. By networking we combine our talents and our compassion. When we form communities based on equality and respect we can earn more by doing less. 
Generosity is the key. Forget about “give and take”. Feminine entrepreneurship is giving, the way a mother gives to her children, without grasping for a reward. When you recall the value of giving, you open yourself to receiving the good will of other good people.

Friday, August 1, 2014

True Love's Kiss

In Maleficent Angelina Jolie plays the wicked witch who awakens Sleeping Beauty with her true love's kiss. In the same vein, Disney's Frozen portrays a queen who freezes her sister's heart, only to rescue her when the hapless men are unable or unwilling to deliver.
Is the new twist in the plot of fairy tales a feminist ploy? Are men unable to thaw a woman's cold heart? Can a cold spell on a woman only be broken by the one who caused the harm?
On one hand, fairy tales are only there to entertain. On the other hand, myths form our earliest childhood perceptions. I believe we are long overdue for tales that reveal the true love that lain dormant between women. 
Real life of course is not quite that simple. When a mother reads Sleeping Beauty to her young daughter, they are sharing a bond that no future "prince" can ever deliver. In my courses I meet hundreds of women still seeking the right man who can sweep her away in love's true kiss. They often careen from one man to another, or one marriage to another, only to discover that men simply don't know their part in the play. 
So, are men the ridiculous creatures of the new fair tales? Are we destined to spend our old age waiting for our true love to call? 
Fortunately, as mature women we can write our own life scripts. My man is my hero, my baby, and my partner because I am the author who has written my destiny. 
People continuously strive to rock our love boat. Yet we never have a down day or a bad feeling between us. 
The most exciting moments in life come from other people. You can't tickle yourself. You can't really make love with yourself. But a dedicated partner can delight you in ways you can never imagine. 
If you have a few spare moments, peruse How to Talk to Men--The Geisha & the Gorilla. You won't find manipulation or conflict tactics. What you will discover is a compass that will transform your heart into your true north.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Earning Your Living by Living Your Dream

I am convinced that women are not meant for hard labor. My man loves to carry heavy things around and work endless hours assisting people to write books and grow their businesses. My feminine nature prefers to travel and enjoy the good life. 
Strangely enough, my game is the one that earns the money. While going over the accounting I realized that wherever I am is where the money moves. I never doubted the Sage University philosophy, that play earns more than work. But I was still surprised to see the numbers on paper that confirmed that fact. 
There are still millions of people earning regular degrees for jobs that no longer exist. That is why I am so happy that we are showing people innovative ways to earn their living by following the warmth in their hearts. 
CNN pays more attention to big companies. But we are the ones providing the jobs and launching the businesses that will create the new economy. Thanks so much for playing with me. I will see you somewhere exciting real soon.

Download the book here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Peak Performance Living

One of my clients had a good job in a nice city. Her friends lived nearby, so she never felt alone. When she attended the How to Talk to Men course she discovered a deep desire to live an adventure with an exciting man. So she moved to Hawaii to follow her aliveness. 
While visiting Spain to take the Trainer Training she met an easy-going German guy who was open to her coaching. She challenged him to go for what he wanted. That turned out to be her. Now they are on the road, conducting exciting projects to earn their living as they design a prosperous lifestyle. Their love glows so brilliantly that people comment on the radiance they share. 
Curious people find the discipline to reach their goals by transcending their habitual waking trance. These folks learn to focus. They take action steps. They fall down, and then get up again. They are really living. In this wakeful condition, people smell the roses. They feel the love around them. They are no longer enslaved by ordinary careers or conflicted relationships. Their fresh perspective keeps life interesting. They acquire a few true friends and pass the days of their lives in peace and happiness. 
Would you rather analyze your dreams, or live them?  Free agent entrepreneurs achieve high degrees of harmony and balance. These people aspire to adventure. They live on the edge, enjoying brilliant sensations, and making the most of everything that life brings. It is for these more evolved souls that the coaching industry came into being. 
Through training and coaching an individual finds the right challenge, and then creates a team with other high performance players. Many minds and bodies merge into a shared activity to generate a field of exciting desire. 
Stories of people who have transcended time and space through team play are the legends of sports, music and business. I want to invite you to join all the players, athletes, and entrepreneurs that  have embraced challenges that other people only dare to watch from afar.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I love Hawaii

Some days I wake up amazed that I am living my adventure as my profession. My clients are also my closest friends. Together we meet in exciting locations worldwide with the aim to improve our relationships and to discover ways to earn our living by helping other people. 
Some folks say that we are idealistic—that people are born to be greedy and selfish. They have plenty of evidence to support that assumption. But I choose to focus on the good in people and to surround myself with loving people who play productive games with the magic of team spirit. 
The fact that you are reading this shows that you are among the optimistic, cooperative people who endeavor to help other people rather than to exploit them. Our business culture is made for that. 
Your kind messages to me tell stories of earning your living by living your dreams. While so many choose to fight for survival, we are forging a new way in which we get ahead by mastering the true meaning of service.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Geisha School in Bora Bora

No question about it—Bora Bora has become our newest winter home. Every woman who attended the Geisha School Advanced experienced profound release. The beauty and warmth restored their soft, feminine natures. 
When you spend your nights in huts on the sea and enjoy your days basking in glorious sunlight with good friends, you naturally merge into a great joy that few people ever get to enjoy.
You can look at such pleasure as pure indulgence. But we know that your pleasure is the key to your future prosperity.
If you are ready to embrace full aliveness, you might want to join us next year. The awakened individual assembles a new reality that is more in tune with the exquisite beauty of nature. Are you ready to leave your tired lives behind—to emerge into the lovely world around you?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bora Bora - Heaven on Earth

Some people are born to travel. Apparently I am one of those. Perhaps it is because I am born in the time of Sagittarius. Or maybe I have some ancient Celtic or Gypsy blood in my veins. In any case I can’t resist the allure of exciting new places. 
Is the travel bug some kind of virus? Is it a weakness? Can I live a responsible life even as I jaunt from one beautiful place to another? I believe I can combine travel and business. 
The first thing I learned when I was a student of Sage University is that you can earn your living by doing what you love. That would be travel in my case. The second thing I learned was that following your passion might cost money at the beginning, but that you could eventually turn that pleasure in to a source of income. Instead of asking how much it costs to go to Bora Bora, I now calculate how much my journey can earn. 
When I discovered how much I love business, I took ownership of Sage University. I love helping other entrepreneurs get off to a good start by growing exciting new enterprises.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Harmoney in the Home

Bees make honey. Humans make money. Beehives feed and shelter all the inhabitants due to the fact that they cooperate while the warm sun shines. Human communities thrive when people turn their weapons into tools and work together for peace and prosperity. 
Outside agents seek to destroy these respective communities. Yet both species survive and thrive thanks to sophisticated forms of communication that convey a content "buzz". Distortions in that harmonious vibration send a signal that invites predators. 
Bees are smarter than you think. Recent studies demonstrate that our simple winged friends can read signs created by scientists that tell them whether to turn left or right. 
Some humans can read signs as well. When they encounter signs of hostility in the home, they recognize a brewing storm. They can turn left or right to avoid looming disaster. 
Discord in the home has a terrible cost. People destroy their partnerships, disenfranchise their children, disrupt their incomes, and damage their futures. 
It only takes one harsh word to throw away years of labor and love. Trust is easy to break. But once broken trust is nearly impossible to repair. 
One rule governs my life--absolute harmony. That single, simple principle is the governing dynamic for every conversation in my home and my business. 
If I can't say something nice, I don't say anything. If a dark mood enters my world, I train my face, my posture and my movement to shift into a lighthearted dance. My voice is my instrument. I rehearse to make my music sweet. When I smile, I make sure the happiness shines through my eyes. 
Mark Twain noted that folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. As a professional life coach I don't wait to see if my clients are in a good mood. I bring the inspiration. I don't go home to see if my man loves me. I bring the love. 
It took several years of dedicated practice for me to master the violin. It took the same love and devotion to master my feelings. My violin often lies unused in its case. But I rehearse the harmony in my home every day. The honey in my voice, creates the money in my life. You are invited to play along any time you please. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sage Team in Thailand

Last month I posted Das neue Unternehmertum on Amazon. This month we posted How to Talk to Men in French and Spanish. You should be able to download them in a few days. 
Behind all success is a great effort—the kind enjoyed by top athletes and musicians. My team and I spent the last weeks in Thailand. We attended massage school at the temple nearly 6 hours each day. Then we spent our evenings in delightful cafes and clubs, working the kinks out of the translations. Every journey by planes, trains, boats, and automobiles gave us a chance to collaborate as a team. 
While other tourists wandered around drunk looking for thrills, we generated a much higher, lighter sense of joy by playing together in high intensity games. The scenery was exquisite. We made it even more brilliant by spending our days in heightened awareness. 
I learned to stop working and start playing from my mentor. With each passing year I appreciate more and more what it means to live light and to love life.