Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sage Team in Thailand

Last month I posted Das neue Unternehmertum on Amazon. This month we posted How to Talk to Men in French and Spanish. You should be able to download them in a few days. 
Behind all success is a great effort—the kind enjoyed by top athletes and musicians. My team and I spent the last weeks in Thailand. We attended massage school at the temple nearly 6 hours each day. Then we spent our evenings in delightful cafes and clubs, working the kinks out of the translations. Every journey by planes, trains, boats, and automobiles gave us a chance to collaborate as a team. 
While other tourists wandered around drunk looking for thrills, we generated a much higher, lighter sense of joy by playing together in high intensity games. The scenery was exquisite. We made it even more brilliant by spending our days in heightened awareness. 
I learned to stop working and start playing from my mentor. With each passing year I appreciate more and more what it means to live light and to love life.