Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Earning Your Living by Living Your Dream

I am convinced that women are not meant for hard labor. My man loves to carry heavy things around and work endless hours assisting people to write books and grow their businesses. My feminine nature prefers to travel and enjoy the good life. 
Strangely enough, my game is the one that earns the money. While going over the accounting I realized that wherever I am is where the money moves. I never doubted the Sage University philosophy, that play earns more than work. But I was still surprised to see the numbers on paper that confirmed that fact. 
There are still millions of people earning regular degrees for jobs that no longer exist. That is why I am so happy that we are showing people innovative ways to earn their living by following the warmth in their hearts. 
CNN pays more attention to big companies. But we are the ones providing the jobs and launching the businesses that will create the new economy. Thanks so much for playing with me. I will see you somewhere exciting real soon.

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