Friday, August 1, 2014

True Love's Kiss

In Maleficent Angelina Jolie plays the wicked witch who awakens Sleeping Beauty with her true love's kiss. In the same vein, Disney's Frozen portrays a queen who freezes her sister's heart, only to rescue her when the hapless men are unable or unwilling to deliver.
Is the new twist in the plot of fairy tales a feminist ploy? Are men unable to thaw a woman's cold heart? Can a cold spell on a woman only be broken by the one who caused the harm?
On one hand, fairy tales are only there to entertain. On the other hand, myths form our earliest childhood perceptions. I believe we are long overdue for tales that reveal the true love that lain dormant between women. 
Real life of course is not quite that simple. When a mother reads Sleeping Beauty to her young daughter, they are sharing a bond that no future "prince" can ever deliver. In my courses I meet hundreds of women still seeking the right man who can sweep her away in love's true kiss. They often careen from one man to another, or one marriage to another, only to discover that men simply don't know their part in the play. 
So, are men the ridiculous creatures of the new fair tales? Are we destined to spend our old age waiting for our true love to call? 
Fortunately, as mature women we can write our own life scripts. My man is my hero, my baby, and my partner because I am the author who has written my destiny. 
People continuously strive to rock our love boat. Yet we never have a down day or a bad feeling between us. 
The most exciting moments in life come from other people. You can't tickle yourself. You can't really make love with yourself. But a dedicated partner can delight you in ways you can never imagine. 
If you have a few spare moments, peruse How to Talk to Men--The Geisha & the Gorilla. You won't find manipulation or conflict tactics. What you will discover is a compass that will transform your heart into your true north.