Monday, September 1, 2014

GWEN Hamburg

GWEN Hamburg was a totally unexpected success. We put it on the calendar to make the summer more interesting, expecting only a small group of women to attend. Around 100 women entrepreneurs showed up to share their generosity and wisdom. 
It seems to me to be the least likely to succeed in the game of business. I am not strong or forceful. Nor am I clever or strategic. I believe that achievement comes from my weaknesses and from the love we share. I couldn’t conduct my business without asking kind, reliable people for help. 
In return I love to exchange by offering my limited management skills. It seems to me that the feminine path to success works because a few good women understand the importance of community.
Miamar’s Sage University is growing through the US and the EU due to the fact that each of us owns our own small business. Yet we have developed a generous way to support one another. 
Your success means everything to me. Every day I enjoy the feeling that you are there for me as well. Our unique culture is a self- organizing system. The feminine core of our system has transformed the nurturing power of women into a mighty business force. 
At GWEN the participants examined a fishing line designed to catch one fish at a time. Then they wove several lines together into a net. By joining their individual lines into a web they could easily catch far more with much less effort. 
Too many women work too hard for too little. By networking we combine our talents and our compassion. When we form communities based on equality and respect we can earn more by doing less. 
Generosity is the key. Forget about “give and take”. Feminine entrepreneurship is giving, the way a mother gives to her children, without grasping for a reward. When you recall the value of giving, you open yourself to receiving the good will of other good people.