Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Joy of Collaboration

Two or more people can delight one another in many unexpected ways. My man wakes up before me every day. By the time I open my eyes he has planned one or more surprises to make my day. Sometimes he writes sweet things on sticky pads to make me laugh. He always has a list of productive projects so that every day is an exciting adventure. 
I have my own ways of playing the collaboration game. Mostly I amuse myself. His antics crack me up. Even when he takes himself seriously I find his stories and movements entertaining. My sense of humor makes him feel good about himself. 
Pace is our finest collaborative tool. We start our day with a list of impossible achievements. Then we laugh and play our way through them. We get more done in a day than 10 people. That is possible because our talents are complementary. 
Occasionally friends find the pace. They are always amazed at how much we can do together. It is surprising how much money people can move when they combine their talents. 
Anything worth doing is worth sharing. All of my successes in business and in life came about when I asked someone for help. 
Modern culture cautions people against co-dependency. But we are dependent on one another. I need your help. You need mine. 
Lone wolves eat mice. Wolf packs feast on big game. 
My man is mildly autistic. Yet he earned millions in the coaching field, because he asked the right people to help him. My success in this field came about because I asked a few good businessmen for help. Successful people often enjoy helping out beginners.