Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Your Choice

When I turned twenty, I chose my life partner. Last month I turned 30. Our time together is continuous bliss. 
We are not saints. We are simply educated. My man conducted over 50.000 interviews to examine patterns of communication in relationships. He filmed or recorded most of them to see what he could learn--all to no avail. His relationships were as bad or worse than anyone else's. He failed to find anyone who would practice the principles he was discovering. 
When we came together I made a choice to learn the governing dynamics of relationship and to master the discipline of harmony in the home. As much as I love travel and adventure, the best thing in my life is the loving devotion we share. 
We are the most ordinary people you will ever meet. Yet our education in relationship has enabled us to fulfill our wildest expectations. 
Thanks to modern education humans today live better lives than the Kings of old. Our chariots are faster. Our houses are cozier. And we have access to limitless information and entertainment that we can seize out of thin air at the push of a button--or computer key. I recently returned to Ibiza from Honolulu. After a few hours in a comfortable seat, I was home.  Life is better today than at any time in history.

Soon, I am off to Bora Bora. Mind you, I get paid for all the adventures I enjoy. Despite all the advantages available today, relationship remains the one arena in which people still live in the dark ages. Put two loving humans in the same house and they will soon resort to conflict. 
Don't blame yourself. Don't blame your mate either. The problem lies with our education. You can conjugate a verb and dissect a frog. But no one ever bothered to show you how to carry on a civil conversation.

If relationship matters to you, I recommend lifelong learning to keep the fire burning. You can always count on my best wishes for happiness and harmony.