Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thailand Adventures

Life is a splendid adventure, and all the more so when you journey to exotic locations with true friends that know how to share the spirit of loving kindness. 
Thousands of tourists flock to Thailand each winter to enjoy the lovely beaches and the loud celebrations. We go for another reason—to deepen our knowledge of Thai massage and to more fully embrace the loving spirit of the Thai people. 
If you are seeking your spiritual center, we truly hope that you will accompany us for one of our future trips. We will be soaking up the sun and discovering the unique Buddhism that characterizes this lovely, loving place. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I know, right?

Honesty doesn’t come from speaking the whole truth
For no one can
He who knows does not speak
He who speaks does not know
And so we live to share our love
And love to make us glow

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thank You Jerry Karzen!

The most fortunate event in one's life is to spend some time in the presence of a living master. That is why we are so grateful for the precious days we spent together with Jerry Karzen on Ibiza. It will take many years before we are able to process the lessons he provided. 
There will come a day in the distant future when you realize how your mind and body experienced a turning point here--a profound shift that reorganized every aspect of your life. By that time, you will be the living master whose touch and movements wordlessly transform anyone wise enough to devote a little time to absorb your wisdom. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Power of Cooperation

Corporations and banking systems survive through predatory means by exploiting human capital. Free agent entrepreneurs, on the other hand, grow their businesses through a highly evolved process of cooperation. GWEN-Global Women Entrepreneur Network is the epitome of loving, nurturing cooperativeness. 
The majority of boys play fighting games, while the majority of girls play with dolls. I never felt attracted to either. My bedroom was a small shop where I invited my friends to buy things. It was a sweet little enterprise where I would enjoy sharing my love of commerce with my friends. To this day I view businesses as a place to share wonderful products and services with people who share my values. 
The joy of service and the pleasure of shopping come together in the GWEN events. I developed this innovative program for women who appreciate the feminine touch. Every workshop and conference emphasizes a receptive approach to buying and selling. This makes GWEN the perfect place to explore the transition from business as a battlefield to business as a field of beautiful dreams.
Recently we introduced GMEN for gentle men who are curious about a middle way. Justin Case and Bruce Paillex have received dozens of applications from men who are ready to forego the hostile business tactics based on Attila the Hun by pioneering new business models that don't require armor.
Cooperation among humans gave us the edge over predators with stronger muscles, teeth and claws. GWEN and GMEN are leaderless, self-organizing systems. We invite you to join us and to help us evolve higher, lighter forms of entrepreneurship for those of us who put people above profits and generosity above greed. 
Join us for the 10th Annual GWEN conference, which takes place on Ibiza in October (19.-23.). You will return with new alliances and with friendships that will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kulture of Kindness

One of our American clients who attended the Summer semester on Ibiza made an interesting observation. She noted that she flew over because of the wonderful experiences she had with several of the independent coaches and trainers she had met. But on Ibiza she came to realize the core of kindness that forms the spirit of Sage University. 
When our affiliates are on tour they face tough audiences and deal with the vagaries of local cultures that can be harsh. Naturally they are misunderstood on occasion, as they struggle to keep their lights on. But here we gather in a safe, sweet environment that soothes away the hostility and opinions that so often reduce the loving quality of our human nature. 
Like any university, we attract a wide variety of people from different countries, cultures, and callings. That is why we offer courses across a wide spectrum of subjects, including relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, and salesmanship. Dale Carnegie gave birth to our branch of education with his famous business book, How to Win Friends. Without true friendship, all success is hollow and empty. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ibiza Business

My business on Ibiza will enter its 9th year of operations soon. I am particularly pleased with our progress in bringing so many entrepreneurs from the U.S. and the EU to our beautiful island to participate in conferences and training programs. We are doing our share to fill the hotels and restaurants, especially in Santa Eulalia. 
The key to the local economy is upscale clients who can afford to shop frequently and stay for 1 or 2 weeks in some of the finer hotels. Our biggest events take place in early spring and late fall, on the edges of the tourist season. We attract up to 100 guests for our larger venues, enabling us to rent the Palacio de Congresos or the large meetings rooms at the 5-star hotels. 
I believe that Ibiza’s future will include a reputation as the go-to location for corporate and entrepreneur conferences. Spain is now ranked 32 out of 150 countries for ease of doing business. We were ranked 52nd in 2008. The economy here is on the road to recovery, with solid growth in recent years. This validates my choice to begin my career here. 
I turned 30 least year, and I have fulfilled my dream to achieve moderate success by assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs to master the skills necessary for lean start-ups. I am optimistic for continued growth in the EU, especially for the small, innovative businesses that will create jobs over the next couple of decades.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dynamics of Love

Every human heart longs to love and to serve. Before you can give love you have to find a fitting receiver. To truly serve you must learn to transform your pleasure into products and adventures you can share. 
People know a lot about "give and take". Education in the past century taught us how to compete and to take our losses. We live and love by the book, imitating examples and role models in legends and myths. The majority of films model love sickness, replete with the obligatory bad guys and good guys. Authentic love transcends such trite stereotypes.
You can't give love--it doesn't belong to you. Nor can you take it. No one has any to spare. But you can send and receive signals based on actual waves similar to radio waves, only subtler. Like the finest wireless devices you can send and receive a variety of sweet sensations. 
I learned to send and receive accurately and effectively from my mate who is also my mentor. We don't cross wires or dial wrong numbers. We share the aim to live on the same wavelength and we fulfill our every desire. 
You can live in harmony with your associates and your intimate partner, but you will need to tune out some static and boost the signal. 
If you enjoy this approach, we should talk. I love making new friends.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heaven on Earth

Sometimes you hear people say that the sea is as warm as a bath. It really is just like that in Bora Bora. I want to thank all of you who joined me there this year. The good times we shared will open new perspectives in every arena of our lives. 
Traveling to magical places is a beautiful, powerful way to slip the bonds of ordinary life. Now I am home again on Ibiza. Everything is different than when I began my journey. I see my life in a new light. I cherish the people I love more than ever. And I have all of you in my memories and dreams.
Once you know the way to heaven on earth, it becomes easier to put those sweet feelings into all of the tasks necessary to earning a living and growing a business. With Sage you learn by exploring the world and gathering new experiences. 
I want to invite you to attend courses regularly so you can melt away stress and refresh the joy of living.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In olden times men and women hunted and gathered together. We know this from fossil records of human females whose skeletons reveal injuries sustained in fighting big game. 
When mankind invented farming, men and women worked side by side tilling the soil and harvesting the crops. Men may have done the heavy lifting. But families survived by working together. 
My man grew up on a farm in the 1950s. He glows when he talks about how his entire family took part in creating the food they needed to survive. In the fall everyone picked vegetables and stored them in the cellar. In winter the women and children beat on pans to drive wild animals into firing range so the men would fill the smokehouse with meat. 
The Industrial Age changed all that. As machines improved, men became laborers and leaders while women became housewives, secretaries and school teachers. Modern nations created separate career paths for males and females. 
Today we live in a knowledge economy in which men and women have equal complementary skills. But somehow the pendulum has not swung back. Togetherness remains a thing of the past. 
Now we stand on the threshold of a new reality. Smart machines are replacing knowledge workers. The emerging entrepreneur era is making it possible for couples and families to function as teams again. 
Often I find myself coaching women entrepreneurs. They rarely start businesses. Instead they create a series of pilot projects that require little money and great cooperation. Increasingly, they engage their husbands as project partners. By earning money together they also earn each others’ respect and admiration. 
I met my husband through my mother who was attending courses at Sage University. When cancer cut his career short, I volunteered for a couple of months to help him wind down his business. I was surprised to discover that I had a knack for management. I realized how much I enjoyed working together with him. Now I own and operate the business. He is retired. But he volunteers his vast knowledge and experience to help me master the skills of entrepreneurship. 
Together everything is possible.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take Your Chances

Every person on Earth deserves to live life as an exciting adventure. Sometimes a lovely person wins big in the lottery. But I have never met that person. In any case there are studies that those rare people are all broke within a few years. 
I have met a few people who inherited money. Most lost their nest egg in the stock market. The others suffered by surrounding themselves with false friends. 
Just about everybody else either marries for money or works terrible hard at something they don't enjoy. 
There is a better way. You can earn your living by living your dream. But you have to learn how. You will need to develop 4 basic skills to transform your pleasure into your profession:
1. Partnership: No one makes it alone. A reliable partner plays hard and produces as much as you do. More effective partners only increase your chances of success. 
2. Entrepreneurship: Every game is based on skills. Fundamentals include the essential design, teambuilding, and coaching skills you need to build an effective business. 
3. Salesmanship: Friendship with reliable people wins you clients for life. People reading and sales training only work if you keep them sharp. Even a few days away will dull your senses and fill your mind with worries. 
4. Leadership: Smooth talkers collect followers. Leaders develop leadership qualities in other competent people. You were born to lead. But you have to train continuously and constantly to put your talent to good use. 
Traditional universities and business schools do a stellar job of teaching history, literature, philosophy, economics, and science. But much of life takes place in other arenas entirely. Nearly all of us live in relationships. As the job market changes, more of us are starting our own businesses to earn our living by providing meaningful services. People who cannot sell their services rarely succeed. And no corporate managers can show us how to achieve our goals in this new business climate. So we created Sage University to fill the gap in skills that make a difference in every life.
At Sage University we don't grade or degrade our students and associates. We learn by conducting delightful pilot projects together that create value by discovering new configurations of human dynamics. If you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, you might want to attend a course or two to see if our unique approach fits for you.

Sage University

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Greatest Gift

Intimate relationships can be fulfilling. Harmonious partnerships are sublime. When couples learn to delight rather than fight, they grow strong, healthy families. Systematically sharing appreciation is the heart of passionate connection. 
Some women love to get gifts. I like the occasional surprise, but I am even more delighted with presence than presents. When I am alone with my man, we bask in harmony. 
We are very different people. He is strong and practical--good Welsh farming stock. I am sensitive and reclusive--curious about business. Together we generate a single entity that feels like an invisible, angelic friend. 
As an entrepreneur, I am in the people business and I travel the world. But I have never experienced such perfect peace with another person. Ordinary moods toss folks around like dead leaves in a strong wind. People pass along attitudes and opinions. They hold positions that create opposition. They fight to impose their will on others. 
The greatest gift you can give another person is total acceptance. Anything I say or do or fail to say or do is sacred to my man. Most folks use ideas and arguments to prove they are right. We always know what is right because it is what either of us has done. 
It's easy to harmonize with a mate or a friend. When two people sing in harmony, others gather to listen. No solo can hold a candle to voices united in song. My man deeply believes that my ideas and actions are manifestations of the Great Spirit. I hope you can imagine how good that feels. 
When we met, I adapted my moods and attitudes to join him in that game. Over time, I contributed a new level of harmony that would have been impossible for anyone alone. 
My good friend RJ Johnson promotes events and products based on a simple theme: NOBODY WRONG. He is every bit as sweet as my guy. His partnership also exudes a loving presence.
Sometimes people describe great cuisine as "simply divine". My partners and my friends epitomize divine simplicity. A professional acceptance is the present that generates the presence we share.