Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Greatest Gift

Intimate relationships can be fulfilling. Harmonious partnerships are sublime. When couples learn to delight rather than fight, they grow strong, healthy families. Systematically sharing appreciation is the heart of passionate connection. 
Some women love to get gifts. I like the occasional surprise, but I am even more delighted with presence than presents. When I am alone with my man, we bask in harmony. 
We are very different people. He is strong and practical--good Welsh farming stock. I am sensitive and reclusive--curious about business. Together we generate a single entity that feels like an invisible, angelic friend. 
As an entrepreneur, I am in the people business and I travel the world. But I have never experienced such perfect peace with another person. Ordinary moods toss folks around like dead leaves in a strong wind. People pass along attitudes and opinions. They hold positions that create opposition. They fight to impose their will on others. 
The greatest gift you can give another person is total acceptance. Anything I say or do or fail to say or do is sacred to my man. Most folks use ideas and arguments to prove they are right. We always know what is right because it is what either of us has done. 
It's easy to harmonize with a mate or a friend. When two people sing in harmony, others gather to listen. No solo can hold a candle to voices united in song. My man deeply believes that my ideas and actions are manifestations of the Great Spirit. I hope you can imagine how good that feels. 
When we met, I adapted my moods and attitudes to join him in that game. Over time, I contributed a new level of harmony that would have been impossible for anyone alone. 
My good friend RJ Johnson promotes events and products based on a simple theme: NOBODY WRONG. He is every bit as sweet as my guy. His partnership also exudes a loving presence.
Sometimes people describe great cuisine as "simply divine". My partners and my friends epitomize divine simplicity. A professional acceptance is the present that generates the presence we share.