Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take Your Chances

Every person on Earth deserves to live life as an exciting adventure. Sometimes a lovely person wins big in the lottery. But I have never met that person. In any case there are studies that those rare people are all broke within a few years. 
I have met a few people who inherited money. Most lost their nest egg in the stock market. The others suffered by surrounding themselves with false friends. 
Just about everybody else either marries for money or works terrible hard at something they don't enjoy. 
There is a better way. You can earn your living by living your dream. But you have to learn how. You will need to develop 4 basic skills to transform your pleasure into your profession:
1. Partnership: No one makes it alone. A reliable partner plays hard and produces as much as you do. More effective partners only increase your chances of success. 
2. Entrepreneurship: Every game is based on skills. Fundamentals include the essential design, teambuilding, and coaching skills you need to build an effective business. 
3. Salesmanship: Friendship with reliable people wins you clients for life. People reading and sales training only work if you keep them sharp. Even a few days away will dull your senses and fill your mind with worries. 
4. Leadership: Smooth talkers collect followers. Leaders develop leadership qualities in other competent people. You were born to lead. But you have to train continuously and constantly to put your talent to good use. 
Traditional universities and business schools do a stellar job of teaching history, literature, philosophy, economics, and science. But much of life takes place in other arenas entirely. Nearly all of us live in relationships. As the job market changes, more of us are starting our own businesses to earn our living by providing meaningful services. People who cannot sell their services rarely succeed. And no corporate managers can show us how to achieve our goals in this new business climate. So we created Sage University to fill the gap in skills that make a difference in every life.
At Sage University we don't grade or degrade our students and associates. We learn by conducting delightful pilot projects together that create value by discovering new configurations of human dynamics. If you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, you might want to attend a course or two to see if our unique approach fits for you.

Sage University