Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heaven on Earth

Sometimes you hear people say that the sea is as warm as a bath. It really is just like that in Bora Bora. I want to thank all of you who joined me there this year. The good times we shared will open new perspectives in every arena of our lives. 
Traveling to magical places is a beautiful, powerful way to slip the bonds of ordinary life. Now I am home again on Ibiza. Everything is different than when I began my journey. I see my life in a new light. I cherish the people I love more than ever. And I have all of you in my memories and dreams.
Once you know the way to heaven on earth, it becomes easier to put those sweet feelings into all of the tasks necessary to earning a living and growing a business. With Sage you learn by exploring the world and gathering new experiences. 
I want to invite you to attend courses regularly so you can melt away stress and refresh the joy of living.