Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mediterranean Café

This café by the Mediterranean Sea is exquisite—blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze, and delicious cuisine—on the level that makes your mouth water. The couple at the next table is complaining loudly about the slow service in Spain. From behind I hear the voices of several girls gossiping about a friend. Nothing unusual here—the most frequent patterns of communication between friends are complaining, blaming, and criticizing. Pain is a regular feature of ordinary living, while pleasure is an occasional guest. 
Frenemies tend toward debate, argument, and personal attacks, often delivered with tight voices and excessive volume. The locals here often break out in loud, hostile confrontations when things don’t go their way. All of those harsh patterns of speech must have been very important over eons of human evolution. 
A sweet young baby blows me a kiss. She has been generously sending them around the courtyard to anyone who would respond in kind. Blissful smiles and lovable sounds are more common among the very young. 
As for me, I have a strong preference for loving, respectful patterns of communication. That is why we feature the Sage Performance Scales at Sage University. I chose my mate and my associates because they specialized in storytelling based on such lighthearted patterns as distinct observation, appreciative feedback, and playful yielding. We never give in to lower emotions that poison our connections or hurt the people we care for. 
You can always be assured that our communication with you will also be kind and considerate. We might indulge in a bit of profanity or risqué language, but the tones and intentions are absolutely devoted to lighting you up and revealing your finest qualities. Like my friend RJ says, “Nobody Wrong”.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Coaching Game

Team spirit, the Great Spirit, and the Holy Spirit share one thing in common—each is a mighty outpouring of pure, loving joyousness. You can feel spirit wherever people come together in a aura of reverent, boisterous participation. The rush of happiness is so powerful that it gushes through the body, pushing aside all the painful illusions and worries that plague mankind. 
The spirit of love is so compelling and beautiful for me that I have devoted my life to it. You can feel it in my marriage and in every event that I produce. Whenever my trainers, teammates, and clients gather, we create the conditions necessary for excitement to grow into inspiration. 
The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. When you turn up the volume on your sensations, you live in a mighty rush of love. The excitement is contagious. All too often people fall into drudgery and boredom. Most jobs, games, and routines deteriorate into dull work designed to make money, garner recognition, or win. But any great coach will tell you that the love of the game is the only valid reason to play. 
Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi put it best when he noted that “Winning isn’t everything. The desire to win is everything. In fact, it is the only thing.” 
Tragically, most people misquote Coach Lombardi by editing his quote to fit their failure to understand the love of the game. The misquote goes, “Winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing. This unfortunate mentality has festered in professional sports and business, where the love of money has rigged the game to focus on seasonal or quarterly profits. 
The distinction between playing to win and loving to play is vast. Words give way to twisted meanings. For example, people often fight and kill for love and peace. But no one who truly loves would ever do anything that is not peaceful. 
I choose my business associates the same way I chose my husband—by entering into a pact to surrender together every moment of every day to the spirit of loving respect. We don’t win every contest. But we never lose the sweet sensations that arise when people master the skills to earn trust. That is the essence of how we can always adapt, innovate, and thrive while ordinary systems flounder and fail. 
If you get a chance, be sure to catch one of our events. Bring your game to be certain that you arrive as more than a spectator or critic. You are welcome to join us in the most highly evolved quality available to mankind.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Woman Who Knew How to Love

This week we all mourn the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Although her political and public contributions set her above the crowd, few people realize the depth of her dedication to family, friends, and above all her husband, Ronald Reagan. In a famous letter to her, the former President wrote, “…there could be no life for me without you.” 
When an assassin made an attempt on President Reagan’s life, no one knew whether his injuries were life threatening. So the hospital staff initially denied her access to the emergency room. Her daughter Patti related her response: “I have to, she said. “You don’t understand how it is with us.” 
A wise observer noted that Nancy Reagan was a woman who knew how to love. So it is fitting that this great woman now lies at rest, inches from the man to whom she devoted her life. 
This is the only kind of love I understand. Every day I thank Providence for bringing me together with my man. Everyone can see that we take care of each other. It takes special vision to see the incredible lightness and sweetness we share. 
To me, partnership means being part of each other. We humans appear to exist in separate bodies. But when we find the real connection between us, then we discover our true identity in the space that transcends anything we can ever understand about who we are and what we will become. 
In my heart of hearts I know that Ron and Nancy are together in a place where there is no space or time. I am thankful to already exist in that space with my husband and with all the people that share in our love.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transpersonal Coaching

Mental coaching models tend to create fragmentation. Emotional models cause people to choose sides. Coaching from the heart brings people together in a unified effort. Even our opponents become loving friends. 
Scientific theories of consciousness portray people as terminal organisms with brief futures. Various spiritual models, on the other hand, view people as children of a certain Deity that will whisk them away at the moment of death. People are assigned a soul and a religious role to play. 
Either way you come to the same conclusion. “Try harder. Do it right. Don’t make mistakes. Be a better person.” 
All coaching models offer something of value. That is why they attract so many people. 
My heart tells me that we are all in this together. I intend to coach all kinds of people from every possible culture. I don’t worry about what they think or believe. Everyone is right in my eyes. From that perspective I am ready to coach anyone who can bring something to the game. 
One thing is sure--consciousness is vibration. You experience higher consciousness as lighter than unconscious states. As coaches, we look to see what lights people up. Then we organize them to follow the warm glow in their hearts. 
A lot of folks work too hard to enjoy life. No one ever attained genuine success through hard work. Too many people expend energy and intelligence doing things they don’t love so that they can wring the most out of life. 
Transcendent joy isn’t that hard. You don’t see babies chanting affirmations or holding difficult postures to clear their perceptions. 
To shift into your natural self you only need to release everything that isn’t you. That happens automatically when you play your game. 
Your human spirit longs to frolic. Lightness of being is the most natural thing in the world. Our profession achieves it through our desire to coach people as they play compelling games.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Price of Love

In my trainings I have asked hundreds of married women if they love their man. Nearly all of them answered in the affirmative. When I asked married mothers if they love their children, they also affirmed their affection. Then I asked them to contrast the couple love with their maternal love. They all smiled knowingly and responded that there was no comparison. 
Love comes in many forms. All of them are wonderful. No two loves are the same. But all of them include warm, sweet sensations of joy.
Acceptance forms the core of the love that people share. Appreciation renews and refreshes love. Affection warms the sweet sensations that flow between those who truly love. 
Loving people never think of forgiving or forgetting transgressions. Loving eyes can see no wrong. 
Love doesn't cost a dime. It doesn't require the slightest effort. Yet love remains rare--more treasured than the purest gold and the finest jewels.
The price of love is the surrender of opinions and hostilities. Love cannot be right or make anyone wrong. It cannot possess or obsess. When you are ready to accept absolutely by embracing your feminine maternal qualities, then you will love on Earth as it is in heaven.