Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Price of Love

In my trainings I have asked hundreds of married women if they love their man. Nearly all of them answered in the affirmative. When I asked married mothers if they love their children, they also affirmed their affection. Then I asked them to contrast the couple love with their maternal love. They all smiled knowingly and responded that there was no comparison. 
Love comes in many forms. All of them are wonderful. No two loves are the same. But all of them include warm, sweet sensations of joy.
Acceptance forms the core of the love that people share. Appreciation renews and refreshes love. Affection warms the sweet sensations that flow between those who truly love. 
Loving people never think of forgiving or forgetting transgressions. Loving eyes can see no wrong. 
Love doesn't cost a dime. It doesn't require the slightest effort. Yet love remains rare--more treasured than the purest gold and the finest jewels.
The price of love is the surrender of opinions and hostilities. Love cannot be right or make anyone wrong. It cannot possess or obsess. When you are ready to accept absolutely by embracing your feminine maternal qualities, then you will love on Earth as it is in heaven.