Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Authentic Love

In the mating game there are two kinds of love. One is the joyful accident of finding an attractive playmate--one who sees the beauty and goodness in you. This is the marvelous feeling of happiness that goes with falling in love. 
The other love is a true friendship that begins with small acts of kindness and then slowly grows into trust and affection that continue to grow over a lifetime. 
A few fortunate souls create the conditions that bring the best of both great loves. You can prepare your heart and mind to catch that first wave of passion, and then you can transform that spark into a fiery love that burns through the years, transcending time and tragedy. 
A dancing body shifts back and forth from one to another. Likewise, the dance of love shifts seamlessly from flaming passion to the deep cool water of oceanic love. Like the traditional yin/yang symbol, two lovers cycle through the seasons of their lives as a single entity that moves to the inner music they share. 
The first step in the eternal dance of love takes the lead by making a passionate commitment to love unconditionally and eternally. Lovers pledge their lives to one another. They accept anything and everything about each other. People know Hillary Clinton for her powerful public persona. But few recognize that her force grows out of the absolute commitment to her husband. Her loving eyes lifted him to great achievements by creating a true power couple. Whether or not you agree with her politics, there is no denying the power of her loving devotion. 
The second leg of love is disillusionment. No one can create and sustain true love on a fairy tale. Real life doesn't take place between princes and princesses that live in palaces. All people have flaws. Not one person can ever live up to the expectations of another. Once you accept human frailties, then you become capable of deep, abiding love--the kind that a loving mother feels for her baby, without regard for how her beloved looks or feels or acts. 
The art of loving is the ability to move together through the phases of love and the changes that life brings. Don't long for the past or worry about the future. Each year, day, and moment of love is perfectly imperfect. Loving devotion can never fit your pictures or fulfill your expectations. Whatever life brings, just let it be. The best of times and the worst of times are all part of a grand reality. Cold days force you to grow deep roots. Warm days allow you to branch out and produce exquisite flowers, fruits, and seeds for a future that you can only imagine.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Love & Money

A friend of mine in New York met a man who was a junior executive at a major corporation. He was charming and kind, so she accepted his invitation for dinner. One thing led to another until they became an item. She was looking for marriage and family, and he seemed good with that. 
One day over lunch with friends, someone asked the killer question: "Are you in love with him?" 
"I don't know", she confessed. "I'm not sure I have ever been in love." Over the next days she searched her heart for that special feeling you always see in films. Her friend was generous and considerate. But there was no flutter when he called and no longing ache when he travelled. She was careful to let him down easy. But he was obviously hurt. 
A couple of years later, she was still dating around in the ever shrinking man-pool of Manhattan, complaining to her girlfriends, who all remained single as well.
The guy went on to marry and his company promoted him to a leading position in Europe. My friend continued her search for the illusive feeling that would indicate that she had found the one for her.
This is a true story, but I know dozens of beautiful, charming women that live variations on the same theme.
My friend was in her mid-thirties. She dreamed of family and travel, and mostly of a financial partnership that would ease the strain of her demanding career. 
In our minds we separate love and money. Money represents hard, cold reality and love represents timeless bliss. Business partners think in terms of long-term benefits they can achieve together. 
It isn't fashionable in these times to mix love and money. Common sense tells us that we might have to do some unsavory things to partners and associates, so affection and appreciation take the back seat.
As for me, I see love and money as equals. You will never hear me complaining that my partner works too much or that he cares more about his game than his marriage. 
A very wealthy acquaintance of mine tells the story from her youth in which her mother called a family meeting every week when father came home with his hard-earned pay. 
Every family member gave sincere appreciation for what he had to do and for what that money meant in terms of food, shelter, education etc. The values she got from those meetings gave her a special insight that enable her to excel in a business arena dominated by hard-working men. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Feminine Community - Maui

Community is the most powerful force on the planet. That is why Facebook has created a new mission focused on building online partnerships. We prefer the fun and friendship that goes with meeting in beautiful locations, getting to know one another, and finding common ground for businesses and adventures that we will share for years to come.