Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

It is Saturday morning at 6:00am. I am not a morning person, so I crawl out of bed and get ready for my photoshoot.
When I arrive at the set the make-up artist is already waiting. She is friendly and fun to work with. We don't have much time until the good light comes up, so she hurries to get my hair and make-up done.
One hour later we are sitting in the car to drive to the first location. It is a windy day and the photographer is nervous. He knows the kind of pictures the designer wants, and he is worried about the strong winds. All in all the atmosphere of the team is good, which is rare in this industry. Too often I have worked with competitive models, rude photographers and mean make-up artists. But this looks to be a fun shooting.
We arrive. While the photographer is looking for the best angles, I put on the first outfit. A passing stranger strolls by, obviously wondering why there is a girl undressing in the middle of the road. I am so used to changing my outfits in all kinds of locations that I hardly notice.
We start shooting, but the wind blows the hair all over my face. It will be hard to get a good picture under those conditions. But I am still enjoying myself, because the crew doesn't critisize or complain. After we shoot the first outfit, we do a team-meeting and decide to postpone the shooting. It is now 10 AM and the crew decides to go for a coffee. I jump in the car to drive home. The sun on the mountains reminds me how beautiful Ibiza is this time of year.

My business needs some attention, so I put in a few hours of desk work. Because my desk overlooks the sea, I get to enjoy the sun through the front window. Later I drive to San Miguel to begin the Getting to Yes seminar at 2 PM. It is the 6th day of the workshop and the energy of the class is high. Inspired people bring a wonderful quality to the day.
Since my hair and make-up are already done, I ask one of the participants to take some pictures of Martin and me over the dinner break. We only have 10 minutes, so we just fool around on stage a little bit. But it is so much fun. I love playing with my man and I think it really shows. The pictures turn out great and they fit perfectly with the topic of How To Talk to Men.
The training ends at 10 PM, but the days isn't over yet. The class delivers a kick-ass show. We party into the night. It is around 1 AM in the morning when we arrive back home. I am high as a kite. You can see why I love my career. I play all day, earn a good living, and feel great afterwards.
That is why I have made it my mission to help people find out what lights them up so they can start earning their living by living their dream. I would love to hear about your dreams and see how I can help fulfill them. You can reach me at