Saturday, February 15, 2014

Harmoney in the Home

Bees make honey. Humans make money. Beehives feed and shelter all the inhabitants due to the fact that they cooperate while the warm sun shines. Human communities thrive when people turn their weapons into tools and work together for peace and prosperity. 
Outside agents seek to destroy these respective communities. Yet both species survive and thrive thanks to sophisticated forms of communication that convey a content "buzz". Distortions in that harmonious vibration send a signal that invites predators. 
Bees are smarter than you think. Recent studies demonstrate that our simple winged friends can read signs created by scientists that tell them whether to turn left or right. 
Some humans can read signs as well. When they encounter signs of hostility in the home, they recognize a brewing storm. They can turn left or right to avoid looming disaster. 
Discord in the home has a terrible cost. People destroy their partnerships, disenfranchise their children, disrupt their incomes, and damage their futures. 
It only takes one harsh word to throw away years of labor and love. Trust is easy to break. But once broken trust is nearly impossible to repair. 
One rule governs my life--absolute harmony. That single, simple principle is the governing dynamic for every conversation in my home and my business. 
If I can't say something nice, I don't say anything. If a dark mood enters my world, I train my face, my posture and my movement to shift into a lighthearted dance. My voice is my instrument. I rehearse to make my music sweet. When I smile, I make sure the happiness shines through my eyes. 
Mark Twain noted that folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. As a professional life coach I don't wait to see if my clients are in a good mood. I bring the inspiration. I don't go home to see if my man loves me. I bring the love. 
It took several years of dedicated practice for me to master the violin. It took the same love and devotion to master my feelings. My violin often lies unused in its case. But I rehearse the harmony in my home every day. The honey in my voice, creates the money in my life. You are invited to play along any time you please.