Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mediterranean Café

This café by the Mediterranean Sea is exquisite—blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze, and delicious cuisine—on the level that makes your mouth water. The couple at the next table is complaining loudly about the slow service in Spain. From behind I hear the voices of several girls gossiping about a friend. Nothing unusual here—the most frequent patterns of communication between friends are complaining, blaming, and criticizing. Pain is a regular feature of ordinary living, while pleasure is an occasional guest. 
Frenemies tend toward debate, argument, and personal attacks, often delivered with tight voices and excessive volume. The locals here often break out in loud, hostile confrontations when things don’t go their way. All of those harsh patterns of speech must have been very important over eons of human evolution. 
A sweet young baby blows me a kiss. She has been generously sending them around the courtyard to anyone who would respond in kind. Blissful smiles and lovable sounds are more common among the very young. 
As for me, I have a strong preference for loving, respectful patterns of communication. That is why we feature the Sage Performance Scales at Sage University. I chose my mate and my associates because they specialized in storytelling based on such lighthearted patterns as distinct observation, appreciative feedback, and playful yielding. We never give in to lower emotions that poison our connections or hurt the people we care for. 
You can always be assured that our communication with you will also be kind and considerate. We might indulge in a bit of profanity or risqué language, but the tones and intentions are absolutely devoted to lighting you up and revealing your finest qualities. Like my friend RJ says, “Nobody Wrong”.