Monday, July 1, 2013

A Walk in the Park

One day I was walking through Central Park with my man. The autumn sun was soft on the orange leaves. The wind was blowing gently through the trees and on my skin. I felt happy and loving in the connection with my man. Then suddenly my perceptions became very vivid.

The landscape seemed to glow. One moment everything was ordinary. In the next moment my mind became incredibly peaceful and alert. I was seeing and feeling the larger reality around me.
I felt really alive. It crossed my mind that I might be having a peak experience. Some people get that from meditation or medication. For me it just came from being in a new place with someone I trusted.

In timeless bliss I saw the world without my mental filters or interpretations. The air was bathed in a beautiful light. People were nothing like I had always pictured them. They appeared more animalistic—almost like human apes. It was as if the park was a people zoo. Children frolicked among the adults like young simians.

When I looked at my man, I saw kind, peaceful eyes. I sensed his freedom from judgments. I felt his deep masculine love.  For a moment he was King Kong. I was Faye Ray. He reminded me of a big gorilla. His presence made me feel safe and protected.

After a few minutes my regular mental image of the world returned. People looked “normal” again. But I still felt good in the closeness to my man. I had glimpsed his animal nature—the good, the bad and the ugly. My own animal aliveness was awake. There was a palpable spirit between us.
Later we walked into the Starbucks coffee shop across from Lehman Brothers on 7th Avenue. When my man turned to see what I wanted to order, he noticed that I was glowing.

“When did you get here,” he asked?
“I just arrived,” I told him.
He looked at me thoughtfully.
“How long do you think you’ll stay?”
“I live here now,” I replied.

My life has been vivid since that day.