Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Magic of Partnership

Some couples love, honor and obey for a lifetime. That is the ideal we all long to fulfill. Life doesn’t always fulfill our hopes and dreams. But there are lessons we can learn to tip the odds in our favor. 
When I began my search for a life-partner I had a certain image in mind. But the man who fulfilled my essential desire was nothing like what I expected. Reality rarely matches the picture in our mind. Life is certainly full of surprises—those that disappoint and those that delight. 
Most women have been disappointed or hurt by at least one modern male primate. Anger and bitterness are signs of injuries crying out to be healed. Secretly we all long for the pleasure and prosperity that partnership can bring. Yet no other person can fulfill our expectations or understand our hidden agendas. 
The ingredients for happiness are all around us. Men find women irresistible. Women speak often of men. The attraction between us is a powerful force. When the masculine and feminine energies harmonize, they form an irresistible field of attraction. Together we are magnetic. Love and money appear without the need for effort or conflict. 
If you separate the parts of a machine, all you have left is inert pieces. But when you separate a magnet into different parts they come together again automatically. Human nature is a magnetic field that contains both male and female bodies. The field of intelligence between us is the very force that drives evolution. 
As with any magnetic field one side repels and pushes away incompatible objects. That is the receptive Yin force. Women protect their families by knowing who to exclude. The other side attracts compatible objects and events. That is the creative Yang force that men use to build companies and teams—thus the football obsession. When these masculine and feminine forces find balance, the family becomes the team. Life unfolds magically and beautifully. 
The best things in life come through the loving attention of one's partner. You can’t see your own eye or realize your own beauty. You can’t tickle yourself. You can’t make love alone. The joy of partnership is in the element of surprise—in the unexpected gifts we bring to one another. 
But can two people develop the strength of character to move beyond the frustration of unfulfilled expectations? Can a couple evolve within the span of their partnership? 
Self-improvement techniques and therapeutic interventions can help. But changing our mind doesn’t always change our lives. That is why it is so important to play productive ventures together. As you and your partner merge in shared adventures, you magnify the pleasure that makes your activities attractive to others and makes you more attractive to one another. 
Keeping your love alive is a matter of playing intensively together with aim to delight. You can do that. You were born for that!