Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Peak Performance Living

One of my clients had a good job in a nice city. Her friends lived nearby, so she never felt alone. When she attended the How to Talk to Men course she discovered a deep desire to live an adventure with an exciting man. So she moved to Hawaii to follow her aliveness. 
While visiting Spain to take the Trainer Training she met an easy-going German guy who was open to her coaching. She challenged him to go for what he wanted. That turned out to be her. Now they are on the road, conducting exciting projects to earn their living as they design a prosperous lifestyle. Their love glows so brilliantly that people comment on the radiance they share. 
Curious people find the discipline to reach their goals by transcending their habitual waking trance. These folks learn to focus. They take action steps. They fall down, and then get up again. They are really living. In this wakeful condition, people smell the roses. They feel the love around them. They are no longer enslaved by ordinary careers or conflicted relationships. Their fresh perspective keeps life interesting. They acquire a few true friends and pass the days of their lives in peace and happiness. 
Would you rather analyze your dreams, or live them?  Free agent entrepreneurs achieve high degrees of harmony and balance. These people aspire to adventure. They live on the edge, enjoying brilliant sensations, and making the most of everything that life brings. It is for these more evolved souls that the coaching industry came into being. 
Through training and coaching an individual finds the right challenge, and then creates a team with other high performance players. Many minds and bodies merge into a shared activity to generate a field of exciting desire. 
Stories of people who have transcended time and space through team play are the legends of sports, music and business. I want to invite you to join all the players, athletes, and entrepreneurs that  have embraced challenges that other people only dare to watch from afar.