Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Forget About Selling

Everyone loves shopping. People naturally love to buy. When you purchase a cherished item or sign up for an adventure, you feel a wave of pleasure as your body floods your brain with a delicious blend of endorphins. Whenever you book an exciting trip or purchase something you desire, your body gives you the same sensations as when you fall in love. Your mood lifts. You feel lighter than air. 
But nobody likes to be sold. Sales techniques suck. You can empty a room just by starting into a sales pitch. The act of trying to make people buy something pushes them away like the reverse polarity on a magnet. 
Salesmanship is the art of discerning what attracts people, and then assisting them through the buying process. When you help people get what they want, you will be the first person they will contact when they want something else. 
If you want to know what people want, start out by asking them. Don’t hawk the benefits of your product or the credibility of your company. People are waiting for someone to show genuine interest in them. Try to discern their desire. Ask politely. Walk alongside them in the direction they are already going. By assisting them to get what they want now, you will win their loyalty for life. They will see you as a source for the things they want and need. People will gather around you like kids around Santa Claus. You are the one who makes their dreams come true. 
When you come on too strong, you repel the very people you want to attract. Soften your voice. Soften your eyes. Greet people with a warm smile. Let them feel your approval. Connect deeply with the other person before you ever think of selling. Absorb their vibration. Let the buying process come about naturally. 
Despite what the old-school sales manuals say, selling isn’t a numbers game. The quality of your connection is worth far more than the quantity. Don’t skim the surface with people. Open up and let them in. One sincere business friend is worth a thousand quick presentations. It’s far easier to reach long-term clients than to find new ones. 
Along with selling skills, be sure to learn people skills. You probably think your social skills are just fine—and they are—for a civilian. But professional sales people exude interest. Put compassion above profits. Let people feel your heart. Focus on the loving respect reflected in their eyes.

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