Monday, June 15, 2015

Dynamics of Love

Every human heart longs to love and to serve. Before you can give love you have to find a fitting receiver. To truly serve you must learn to transform your pleasure into products and adventures you can share. 
People know a lot about "give and take". Education in the past century taught us how to compete and to take our losses. We live and love by the book, imitating examples and role models in legends and myths. The majority of films model love sickness, replete with the obligatory bad guys and good guys. Authentic love transcends such trite stereotypes.
You can't give love--it doesn't belong to you. Nor can you take it. No one has any to spare. But you can send and receive signals based on actual waves similar to radio waves, only subtler. Like the finest wireless devices you can send and receive a variety of sweet sensations. 
I learned to send and receive accurately and effectively from my mate who is also my mentor. We don't cross wires or dial wrong numbers. We share the aim to live on the same wavelength and we fulfill our every desire. 
You can live in harmony with your associates and your intimate partner, but you will need to tune out some static and boost the signal. 
If you enjoy this approach, we should talk. I love making new friends.