Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ibiza Business

My business on Ibiza will enter its 9th year of operations soon. I am particularly pleased with our progress in bringing so many entrepreneurs from the U.S. and the EU to our beautiful island to participate in conferences and training programs. We are doing our share to fill the hotels and restaurants, especially in Santa Eulalia. 
The key to the local economy is upscale clients who can afford to shop frequently and stay for 1 or 2 weeks in some of the finer hotels. Our biggest events take place in early spring and late fall, on the edges of the tourist season. We attract up to 100 guests for our larger venues, enabling us to rent the Palacio de Congresos or the large meetings rooms at the 5-star hotels. 
I believe that Ibiza’s future will include a reputation as the go-to location for corporate and entrepreneur conferences. Spain is now ranked 32 out of 150 countries for ease of doing business. We were ranked 52nd in 2008. The economy here is on the road to recovery, with solid growth in recent years. This validates my choice to begin my career here. 
I turned 30 least year, and I have fulfilled my dream to achieve moderate success by assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs to master the skills necessary for lean start-ups. I am optimistic for continued growth in the EU, especially for the small, innovative businesses that will create jobs over the next couple of decades.