Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transpersonal Coaching

Mental coaching models tend to create fragmentation. Emotional models cause people to choose sides. Coaching from the heart brings people together in a unified effort. Even our opponents become loving friends. 
Scientific theories of consciousness portray people as terminal organisms with brief futures. Various spiritual models, on the other hand, view people as children of a certain Deity that will whisk them away at the moment of death. People are assigned a soul and a religious role to play. 
Either way you come to the same conclusion. “Try harder. Do it right. Don’t make mistakes. Be a better person.” 
All coaching models offer something of value. That is why they attract so many people. 
My heart tells me that we are all in this together. I intend to coach all kinds of people from every possible culture. I don’t worry about what they think or believe. Everyone is right in my eyes. From that perspective I am ready to coach anyone who can bring something to the game. 
One thing is sure--consciousness is vibration. You experience higher consciousness as lighter than unconscious states. As coaches, we look to see what lights people up. Then we organize them to follow the warm glow in their hearts. 
A lot of folks work too hard to enjoy life. No one ever attained genuine success through hard work. Too many people expend energy and intelligence doing things they don’t love so that they can wring the most out of life. 
Transcendent joy isn’t that hard. You don’t see babies chanting affirmations or holding difficult postures to clear their perceptions. 
To shift into your natural self you only need to release everything that isn’t you. That happens automatically when you play your game. 
Your human spirit longs to frolic. Lightness of being is the most natural thing in the world. Our profession achieves it through our desire to coach people as they play compelling games.