Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Woman Who Knew How to Love

This week we all mourn the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Although her political and public contributions set her above the crowd, few people realize the depth of her dedication to family, friends, and above all her husband, Ronald Reagan. In a famous letter to her, the former President wrote, “…there could be no life for me without you.” 
When an assassin made an attempt on President Reagan’s life, no one knew whether his injuries were life threatening. So the hospital staff initially denied her access to the emergency room. Her daughter Patti related her response: “I have to, she said. “You don’t understand how it is with us.” 
A wise observer noted that Nancy Reagan was a woman who knew how to love. So it is fitting that this great woman now lies at rest, inches from the man to whom she devoted her life. 
This is the only kind of love I understand. Every day I thank Providence for bringing me together with my man. Everyone can see that we take care of each other. It takes special vision to see the incredible lightness and sweetness we share. 
To me, partnership means being part of each other. We humans appear to exist in separate bodies. But when we find the real connection between us, then we discover our true identity in the space that transcends anything we can ever understand about who we are and what we will become. 
In my heart of hearts I know that Ron and Nancy are together in a place where there is no space or time. I am thankful to already exist in that space with my husband and with all the people that share in our love.